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 In the news
Monday, August 01, 2011
MAXON Announces Release 13!
Featuring navigation and workflow enhancements, physical render engine, stereo 3D workflow, character animation enhancements and more! See the features in action - check out our New in R13 playlist
  Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Cineversity Live!
The latest news, previews of new tutorials and live Q&A.

  Monday, July 25, 2011
Join us at the SIGGRAPH 2011 Expo for 3 days of CINEMA 4D presentations by the best and brightest in 3D design. MAXON Booth#: 447

FREE Expo Pass Use Code: MAXONC4


 Online training
Educational Tracks R13 R12 R11.5 R11 R10.5 R10 R9.6 BP4
General 3D - Reference
A quick reference for many 3D concepts and CINEMA 4D features.
General 3D - Projects
Project-based tutorial series.
Modeling 101
Motion Graphics
Creating broadcast graphics, bumpers, movie titles, or logo animations.
Pipeline Integration
Integrating CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D into your production pipeline.
Character Animation
Put the moves on your characters.
BodyPaint 3D
3D painting, texturing and UV editing with BodyPaint 3D.
Dr. Sassi's Tooltime Tips
Each short tip provides simple clarification on features.
Visual Effects
Tutorials specific to the needs of visual effects.
Importing architectural models from CAD programs to output renderings and animations.
Great techniques for graphic artists.
Custom Scripting
Extending CINEMA 4D with basic scripts. A great intro to writing your own tools and plugins.
Plugins, Scripts, Custom Layouts, etc.
Basic Courseware
Tutorial series that teach the very basics of 3D. Can be used as self-paced or lecture material for a class.
Tutorial Addendums
Additions and addendums to the Release 10 tutorials DVD.
CINEMA 4D Curriculum, Release 10.x
CINEMA 4D R10 and BodyPaint 3D R3 Tutorials
These are the tutorials that were shipped with CINEMA 4D R10 and BodyPaint 3D R3.
Pixel Corps Mentor Series
Sample Tutorials (* registration not required)
Lighting Basics
Color, Type, Illumination
Comedy Channel Promo Part 01
Intro to Comedy Channel Promo Project
CV MoGraph Presets Volume 1
Presets for the MoGraph module
License Server Installation
Setting up the License Server and telling CINEMA 4D installs to use it
License Server Groups & Leasing
Assigning clients to groups and defining lease time options
License Server Assignment Options
Using multiple serial packages & configurations with the License Server
License Server Automatic Joining
How to automatically assign clients to specific groups based on criteria
Siggraph 09 Rewind: Chris Smith
CSTools for camera control in car commercial previs
Siggraph 09 Rewind: Perception
John LePore demonstrates C4D in Motion Graphics
Siggraph 09 Rewind: Innovative Show Design
CINEMA 4D and Vectorworks for set design and previs
Siggraph 09 Rewind: Nucleus Medical Art
techniques for medical illustration
Siggraph 09 Rewind: Alan Williams
SCAD 9x90 winner demonstrates C4D motion graphics
Installing CINEMA 4D R11.5 / BodyPaint 3D R4.5
Installing CINEMA 4D R11.5 / BodyPaint 3D R4.5
Installing CINEMA 4D R11.5 Demo
Installing the R11.5 Demo
Installing NET Render R11.5
Installation and setup for NET Render Server and NET Render Clients
Installing CINEMA 4D R12 Demo
Installing the Cinema 4D Release 12 DEMO
Installing CINEMA 4D / BodyPaint 3D R12
Installing Cinema 4D Release 12
Installing NET Render R12
Installation and setup for NET Render Server and NET Render Clients
New in R13: Introduction
general enhancements in CINEMA 4D Release 13
New in R13: Navigation
intuitive cursor-based navigation enhancements
New in R13: Modeling Workflow
object axis, selections and tweaking, plus new HyperNURBS algorithm
New in R13: Stereo
complete stereo 3D workflow, from view to render
New in R13: Rendering
new Physical Render engine and enhanced shaders
New in R13: Studio Character Tools
Character Object, CMotion Walk System, Muscles, new Visual Selector
New in R13: Collision Deformer
dynamic deformations without the dynamics engine
New in R13: Xrefs
external referencing system for organization & collaboration
New in R13: Animation Workflow
F-Curve & Marker enhancements
New in R13: Pipeline & Interoperability
mp3, aec, multichannel EXR, enhanced FBX and Collada
New in R13: Scripting & Expressions
enhanced Python support and spotlight-style Xpresso node search
Installing CINEMA 4D / BodyPaint3D R13
Installing CINEMA 4D Release 13
Downloading CINEMA 4D with JDownloader (Windows)
Installing and using JDownloader to manage C4D Downloads
Downloading CINEMA 4D with JDownloader (Mac)
Installing and using JDownloader to manage C4D Downloads
Quick Links
All Free Tutorials
Tutorials Added Since the Last Month
  New Tutorials
1. The Physical Renderer, Part 5 Members Only
2. The Physical Renderer, Part 4 Members Only
3. The Physical Renderer, Part 3 Members Only
4. The Physical Renderer, Part 2 Members Only
5. The Physical Renderer, Part 1 Members Only
Most Popular Free Tutorials
1. Lighting Basics
2. CV MoGraph Presets Volume 1
3. Projection Man
4. Introduction to Viewports
5. Adding a Background Image
Most Popular Member Tutorials
1. 2D/3D Background and Camera Mapping Members Only
2. Better Cloth Deformations Members Only
3. Simulating Water Surfaces using CINEMA 4D and Adobe After Effects Part 2 Members Only
4. Understanding UV's Members Only
5. Creating Normal Maps from Sub-Poly Displacement Members Only

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