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Cineversity : About

CINEversity is an educational program sponsored by MAXON Computers USA for the benefit of students and teachers of 3D modeling, compositing, and animation. It focuses on bringing the widest variety of resources for learning CINEMA 4D to users of the software. These include curriculum, tutorials, and other material that we hope will prove helpful to even the most frustrated of novices.

In creating CINEversity, it is our goal to further enrich the 3D community by introducing future generations of professionals to the joys of 3D computer graphics in the least intimidating and most satisfying way possible.


Terms and Conditions
Some of the formalities expected of anyone using the CINEversity program or website. Includes warranty information, the availability of material that can be used outside of the CINEversity program, and MAXONS rights when handling these issues.

Privacy Policy
MAXON Computer Inc. takes your privacy and the maintenance thereof very seriously.

Information for contacting the MAXON CINEversity Program.

Copyright Notice
Legal disclaimer on the CINEversity name and program.

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