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Tracks Installation (CINEMA 4D 12) Members OnlyMembers Only
 Demo Version
 - Installing CINEMA 4D R12 Demo: Installing the Cinema 4D Release 12 DEMO 8 min 32 sec by Chris Chestnut CINEMA 4D 12
 - Installing CINEMA 4D / BodyPaint 3D R12: Installing Cinema 4D Release 12 7 min 10 sec by Chris Chestnut CINEMA 4D 12
 - Customizing R12: New Prefs & Menus, and how to set them back to R11.5 defaults 11 min 57 sec by Rick Barrett CINEMA 4D 12 Members Only
 Net Render
 - Installing NET Render R12: Installation and setup for NET Render Server and NET Render Clients 10 min 45 sec by Chris Chestnut CINEMA 4D 12

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